Add a Forum To wordpress site, who is the best & free


I am thinking about adding a forum to my debt buster site, but of course spammers are a major issue, can anyone point me in the right direction for a simple and free solution, my site is a WordPress based site. Oh and I am a total amateur too so needs to be very simple to set up …

Thank you …

Hi ridyl, welcome to the forums,

There many free.

What’s “best” depends on you and who will be using it.

What are you detailed requirements?
What have you looked into and maybe tried so far?

Hi Mittineague

We had a forum about 5 years ago, it was put up by my web design people, so not sure what they used. What we would like to do is have an area where people can post questions and suggest things such as great deals they have seen on the web, and offer support and advice to each other with things like money matters.
I have a very basic working knowledge of my site via word press and manage to edit the site quite well from a content point of view, it’s called Doesn’t grow On Trees but I don’t seem to be able to work out how to attach a public and safe forum, this one for example seems to be the dream standard.

This one is going to change quite soon and we’re changing the whole thing, not the design only but the engine too :slight_smile:

Probably an extension for WordPress (it has some for this kind of thing) may be the best to start.

The thing is that a forum needs to be alive, losts of posts and quick answers. If there’re not enough posters or the questions are not answered promptly, people leave and the forum will die.

You should think about specialized forum solutions like vBulletin (which is what we use now) or Discourse (which is what we’ll be using soon) if you really think that your traffic will justify to have a proper forum.

As @Mittineague ; said, if you simply need a plugin or a whole software will depends on the number of participants you think you’ll have in the next 2-5 months

Hi Both

I have cobbled together a bbpress forum at , took me a while to figure out the registration piece, not sure how to go about making it look better, trying to work through the online help at bbpress… would love your opinion?

Does it need to integrate with Wordpress? Do you already have everyone signing up for accounts or something?

If not, then any BB would work. If you have a VPS, you could try Discourse. But if you don’t and don’t have access to Ruby, then there are lots depending on what your requirements are. My favorite lightweight PHP based solution is PunBB. It’s been a little while since I had to setup an instance of it, but I do remember it didn’t take a whole lot of configuration.

please i want to add a fourm to my wordpress website <snip/> can you help me

you can set nofollow

Hi Jane. What has that got to do with anything? Forgive my bluntness, but we’re working really hard to improve the quality of the posts here, and this is the kind of thing that is causing us grief.

I am sorry about that. I can give my point for this. 1. you can find a set button in the background, click discuss and you would find “allow others post comment”, don’t tick off this item. 2. you can set other item on this list, manage the comments as you need. 3. set nofollow for comment, I have no idea for detail, you can google something.

There is a forum plugin for WordPress called bbPress. It fully integrates with WordPress so that your visitors can use the same account to comment on your blog posts and make their own in the forum.

Two possibilities would be SMF or phpbb. There should be a number of plugins for wordpress, SMF or phpbb that would allow you to “bridge” between wordpress and either SMF or phpbb. The amount of functionality across the two will vary from plugin to plugin, some might be simply as little as logging into one app logs you into the other.

I would steer clear of any paid-for forum software unless you can be sure that your forum will be busy enough for it. If you think it will be busy enough eventually then go for a free one for the time being but make sure that it’s one that you can migrate from to the intended paid-for forum. On the flip-side if you go for a paid-for forum make sure that you can migrate from that to a free one if you don’t get enough traffic to justify the cost of the paid-for forum.

I go with felgall - buddypress is really easy to work within wordpress.

BuddyPress is NOT a forum.

bbPress is a forum.

Two completely different things.

Adding BuddyPress as well as bbPress would provide more social networking functionality to the blog butaccording to the BuddyPress site it would also integrate with the bbPress forum.