Need feedback for design

I have completed my this theme, and made lot of improvements after getting suggestions from this forum.

Can any one please let me know there experience, that is it creating any confusion or getting distraction ?

And how’s theme is looking with respect to design ?

Thank you !

In terms of visual design, I think it looks great.

Getting on to the UX side of things, it could be better. You have solved the “black screen” problem you had on Firefox in the earlier draft, that’s a major plus. But it still takes a fair while to load. I should mention that when I first looked at this version, I was at work on a big monitor and now I’m looking at it on a much smaller laptop monitor. It actually works much better on the smaller monitor.
Why? When the landing page appears on the big screen, your attention is drawn to the central box, and I was looking for something to click there. It took a while to notice the tiny hamburger, which seemed miles away, on the periphery of my vision, in the top corner. That doesn’t seem so bad on a small monitor, but then, I do already know it’s there now having found it before.
When you get onto the actual pages, I’m not too keen on the fixed size box. I reminds me of those sites from the 2000s where they did that. It was pre RWD so they just hedged their bets to make a box that was small enough to fit on any monitor. It can work, where all the content is able to fit in the box, but I don’t like being confined to that space when I have to scroll within it. Again, this is more apparent on the big monitor. It feels like I’m being forced to view the site through a tiny letterbox, with loads of empty wasted space around it. I may just be me, I don’t like scrollers in boxes, one master, vertical scroller on the browser window is all there should be IMO.

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