Feedback on my pet project design

Hi Eveyone,

I’m new here. I’m not a web designer but rather a web-developer who knows HTML / CSS. I have tried to create a website about far future technologies (it’s my pet project). The website is a book, blog and forum combined into one.

I have customized a Wordpress theme for the book + blog & used Discourse for the forum part.

The content of the site is half complete (though all the links are working), but I would love to have your feedback on the website design (the color scheme, etc… especially the typography, since I feel the fonts are not the correct sizes). It’s obviously inspired by SpaceX and other similar technology websites, but does it seem good enough to you folks?

The site is:

PS: I will commission a logo (or get a friend to design it) if / once I get positive feedback on the color scheme & fonts. Otherwise it’s back to the drawing board in terms of design!

I like the design.

I think perhaps the ‘header’ (title? whatever) block is a bit too big on all of the content pages (on the index page, it’s fine, but after that, i want to see the content more than the header, and the header’s taking up 50% of my screen on page load.)

I agree. You could have the links in the navigation go to the top of the content with anchor links instead of the top of the website itself so the user doesn’t need to scroll down every time he goes to a new page just to read the content. I found it a bit irksome.

Thanks v.much for your feedback. I’m very glad you like the design. For the header obstructing the content, I wrote a small Wordpress plugin which scrolls down to the content when the page loads. Do check it out and tell if the effect is nice or discomforting. Thanks v.much again!

Thanks v.much for your feedback. For the user needing to scroll down every time he goes to a new page, I wrote a small Wordpress plugin which scrolls down to content. Do check it out and tell if the scrolling effect seems nice or irksome. Thanks v.much again!

@m_hutley and @WebMachine:

When you visited the site for the first time, did you guys notice that there is content below the header image on the home page? (There is a section for ‘Latest Blog Posts’ below the image header). I’m not sure whether the user will scroll down there unless there is some indication?

Wow… Very good project design.

Thanks v.much for your appreciation! I’m glad you like the design!

I missed out on adding this line to my original post:

I have used the color palette (#25) suggested in this blog post.

The scrolling works for me, but seems a bit slow. I’m not sure I want to wait too long to start reading the content.

As for the home page, yes please put some sort of indication that there is content below the header. A jumbo image as header should always be small enough that some content shows at the bottom of the screen when the user first arrives, so that they know to scroll down to see more.

You did a great job and I loved the concept .

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