My wordpress admin loads very slow

My wordpress admin loads very slow is there any fix

Personally, as long as it’s only the admin that’s slow and not the public facing pages that are affected I’d probably just accept the annoyance.

But if it bothers you that much you could try temporarily disabling all plugins to see if it make a difference. Then, assuming it is a plugin causing the slowdown, reenable them one / a few at a time until you find out which one is causing the problem.


These are the most common issues when you encounter slow WP dashword. You can try and check each if you haven’t solve the problem.

  • Overloaded or under-powered hosting
  • Resource-heavy plugins
  • Old PHP version
  • WordPress Heartbeat API
  • Cluttered database
  • Low WordPress memory limit
  • Too much content loading
  • Unnecessary dashboard widgets

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