Very slow wordpress admin side


I’m using a theme and some plugins on my website. The front of the site works fine but the backend is very very slow. It’s a directory website I have thousands of entries at the back end. Any one has any idea what are the usual reason for the backend to be slow. Also it is a domain. I don’t think that’s a problem though.

Are you using a caching plugin to serve static HTML of your content?

I’m using W3 Total Cache , But I’m not sure what you mean by static HTML of my content. Whether I use cache plugin or not the content is always served as HTML in the browser right?

Yes, the content is always served as HTML in the browser. However, if you are using a caching plugin, you are serving static HTML to visitors who are not logged in. The Wordpress engine is not running to generate the output and make database queries as that content has been saved in the cached files. The server transmits the cached HTML files to the browser instead of running the Wordpress engine which requires much less server resources.

Wordpress is a very bloated script. It consumes a lot of server resources to generate one page view. That is why many people using caching plugins. The question now is why your admin area is loading slowly.

If you log in to your Wordpress then view the regular non-admin site pages, does it load slowly? If so, there is a good chance your web server is overloaded. The admin area checks external websites to check for updates to the Wordpress core and plugins. It is possible that could be the cause of the slowdown. But I have a feeling you may be on an overloaded server. That’s the first and most simple thing to check.

I have a simple little script in the post linked to below that you can copy and place into a PHP file and then run the script by navigating your browser to it. It will output the server’s load average. If the load average is high, we know right away what the problem is. If the load is not high, then further investigation will be required.

Brother this is what I got with your script… I don’t understand most of it… Maybe you can help me out… Thanks!

Server Load Averages & CPU Info

Server Load Average

1 minute: 0.1
5 minute: 0.02
15 minute: 0.01
CPU Info

Architecture: x86_64
CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit
Byte Order: Little Endian
CPU(s): 16
On-line CPU(s) list: 0-15
Thread(s) per core: 1
Core(s) per socket: 1
Socket(s): 16
NUMA node(s): 1
Vendor ID: AuthenticAMD
CPU family: 21
Model: 2
Stepping: 0
CPU MHz: 2300.000
BogoMIPS: 4600.00
Hypervisor vendor: KVM
Virtualization type: full
L1d cache: 64K
L1i cache: 64K
L2 cache: 512K
NUMA node0 CPU(s): 0-15

Your server has almost no load, so that cannot be the reason for the admin area slowness. Your site loads pretty fast when you turn off your caching plugin? Do you know how much memory is available to your script? You can find out by running this function and looking for the memory_limit field:


Others have had trouble with admin area slowness. You can read through possible solutions and plenty of theories. One is to increase the memory available. Another is to check to ensure your host does not have any firewall rules blocking the admin area from pulling data from external sources. Some of the threads may be relevant to older versions of Wordpress 3.x.

Others have had the same problem you are having. Now you will have to go through possible causes and troubleshoot each one to find a solution. It will take time.

this is the memory limit
Directive Local Value Master Value
memory_limit 256M 256M


By the way I’m using W3 Total Cache plugin as well. Does this plugin contribute to slowness ironically!?

256 MB memory limit is very good. Your server is not overloaded and you have plenty of memory. Caching plugins should only work on the front-end, not on the admin area. So I do not think that would be the cause. As of this point the obvious problem areas have been cleared as possible suspects so as part of troubleshooting, all plugins should be disabled then testing should occur, enabling plugins one by one and testing each time.

In your phpinfo() output, do you see anything related to PHP-FPM?

I can’t see FPM, Okay I think I didn’t mention that the front part is slow as well. you can actually visit my site…,

I recently added amazon s3 CDN service to speed up. But that didn’t help since I think the problem is somewhere else… too many javascripts maybe?

That is pretty important to know. I did a test on of your site. The index page load speed was reasonably fast (if it is dynamically generated). The DNS lookup and connection times were slow (both over 350 ms, but that could be due to the .bd extension). The wait time for the HTML to be generated was fast and the receive time was fast. What really stands out is the 2 second wait time for CSS file that returned only 565 bytes. You may have to do something about that.

The connection times for your content hosted on Amazon was slow as well.

Run a test on and you can see where the slow parts of your page loads are. Your main html loaded fast (but it is early morning). The real test would be to turn off the caching plugin and allow it to generate on-the-fly.

From what I have seen so far your server does not appear to be overloaded and your site seems to have a few slow spots.

wow… do u think .bd can slow things down… I thought about it earlier but then I thought that doesn’t sound logical…

I can fix … That’s just a custom css plugin… I don’t need it when I’m using child theme…

Can child theme cause problem?

I some time feel I should stop using wordpress some times because of these slow problems… Do you think that’s a good idea?

Thank you… you have been helping me a lot :slight_smile:

WordPress makes a lot of function calls to the database. If your “options” table is large this could be causing a slowdown.

If your site is relatively “stable” one of the easiest things to do would be to go through the template files and hard-code anything you can.
eg. if your site name is “SiteName” do you really need to have a function query the db to get that to place it in the markup?

Interesting point there. Thanks

@cheesedude , also the inner pages are a lot slower than that home page.

I figured that the “W3 Total Cache” plugin is making the site slow. But if disable the plugin I have another problem

This page of mine which has thousands (7K+ listing) do not load

and returns this error.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home/business/public_html/wp-content/themes/directory/AIT/Framework/Libs/Nette/ on line 648

I had a post written up yesterday that I had to leave uncompleted. I will stop back later today.

Really appreciate your help my friend.

If your admin is slow then this is the issue of plugins & if complete website is running slow the change the hosting. Some time hosting play a very important role in these issues…

See you some part of website is loading very fast ,What I feel is you have to look some unused plugin to kick out,Use image size reducer and G zip.This plugin will surely help you out.

On I get a memory error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 89 bytes) in /home/business/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 766

Looks like some process is not working as efficiently as it could, or your have some corrupt or dodgy data somewhere.

[FONT=Georgia]Did you try increasing the memory limit?

I think there’s something you can do with a php.ini file, or, through googling, I also found this.[/FONT]