Is there a pluging to make wordpress load faster?

People are complaining it loads too slow. A friend said there are probably plug-ins the make it load faster. Can someone recommend any?

Any of the caching plugins should do what you want.

Is there one you prefer?

Try out WP Super Cache:

By the way, you also want to make sure that the site does not have tons of activated plugins… this may also slow down the site overall.

Using WP Super Cache also, however with one of my servers it didn’t wanted to cooperate…

Thank you! I will try one of these today.

any luck implementing these cache plugins?
google webmaster tools says my site is slower than 70% of sites :frowning: hopefully this will work!

you had a look at your site using yslow? Will take a look at your site and tell you why6 it is taking ages to load. Even offers suggestions on how to make it faster.

Are you using loads of plugins? Loads of images? or unessential calls to server? These seem to be the usual culprits.

w3 total cache is good plugin for you many option

I usually use WP Super Cache as well but another good option is WP cache (it has a good rating).

Not only use WP Super Cache, you must see your theme, is it a clean theme without many script. And then how many plugin that you installed? Big size images also can make a slow loading.

For plugin you can use WP Super Cache.

Another vote for WP Super Cache here.

Depending on the scale of your site Wordpress is by nature slow. That is one of the trade offs of having everything wrapped up ready to go. That is probably while you notice that large sites with millions of pages do not use it. Once you hit a certain scale the whole thing will come to a crawl because of the way its built.


There are at least five:

    1. WP Database Optimizer
  1. WP Minify
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Lazy Load Plugin
  4. WP

Each of these improves the site’s load speed in its own way.


This thread is still going. :slight_smile:

I ended up using WP Super Cache.