My site is idexed in yahoo and bing but not in

Hello friends,

From last one month i am observing that my site is being found in search results for yahoo and bing but in google its even single page is not indexed. I don’t know whats the reason of it not indexed in google. There is no any robot tag in it. Please suggest what should I do.
My site is

To my own experience, I always use the following ways to get my newly built site or blog indexed within 24 hours. It always works.

  1. Submit your site in
  2. Submit your site in
  3. Make sure you have two yahoo accounts. you submit your question (containing your keywords) to yahoo answer. Then, you change your account, and answer your own question. Pretty Sneaky, I know, but it helps build good incoming link to your site or blog
  4. Submit your site to at least two other big social bookmarks.

Hope Your site will be cached Soon. All the best.

I’ve got a question first. What kind of marketing are you doing on your site, and are you doing it every day? That matters most if you’re running a new website. I suggest updating your page content, and then immediately submitting the page in high PR social bookmarking sites and using pinging services to notify Google about the changes you made.

Try Google sitemap and submit it through your google webmaster tool, also submit each page of the site in google search engine manually.

best of luck!

Check Google Guidlines
Check Canonical Issues
Check website content is unique or duplicate
put robot meta tag on your website
upload robot.txt file on your server
check your website is not over optimized
check your website links are not on c-class ip’s
create valuable links for your website
if your website is on penalty submit it to google reconsideration
if your website is on penalty and you submit your website on google reconsideration then you have to weight aroung 2 to 3 months for showing indexed pages on google

Thanks to all for assisting
But I am checking with diffrent tools like “seo site” and “”. According to these tools my site is not indexed in google

The simple fact is that your website is indexed by Google, as proven by the fact that when you search for it, Google finds it. Whether some dodgy SEO site recognises that is irrelevant. If dodgy SEO sites are giving you bad information, don’t use them!

Your site is being indexed in Google - finds 50 pages on that domain (mostly without www but occasionally with, you might want to get that sorted out). The homepage was cached on 24 July.

Do you mean “my site isn’t appearing as high up on Google as it is on Yahoo and Bing”? Because that’s a whole other question. In part, that may be the result of being a new site - because Google puts more weight on inbound links than Y/B do, it takes longer to build those links up, and so it takes longer to get a new site near the top of the rankings in G.