Site doing well in yahoo but not in google


One of my sites is doing well in Yahoo SERPs but doesnt get a single search from Google now. It used to get a lot of searches from google like 5 months ago.

I have included this site on Google Webmasters which doesnt show if there is anything particularly wrong with this site.

I tried Webceo and it told me that I have hidden text on my site’s webpages… i immediately fixed that since I never knew if my site had hidden text on it. This hidden text was caused by the script i m using and its current template. After fixing this hidden text problem, I submitted my site for reconsideration at google.

I got this following msg at Google Webmasters on Dec 23, 2010:

We received a request from a site owner to reconsider how we index the following site:
We’ve now reviewed your site. When we review a site, we check to see if it’s in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines. If we don’t find any problems, we’ll reconsider our indexing of your site. If your site still doesn’t appear in our search results, check our Help Center for steps you can take.

So even till now I dont see any searches from google.

So i m guessing there is something else wrong with my site.

I want you guys to review my site and let me know if I may be doing something wrong on my site that is violating google’s policies. I have not implemented any black hat techniques on my site intentionally and that is why i m looking for help.

Just an idea : maybe some copyright violation terms…

how come copyright violation because I just have youtube videos embedded.

any more insights pls?

are you creating original content or are you just pulling content from other sites?

Google is getting goofy. I noticed in the Google Local the other day a few of my sites were blocked because I put my service region in the description field. They like to penalize you and not specifically tell you what you did wrong.

Keyword spamming pages, putting white text on white backgrounds, you could be getting penalized by various things. Go through their terms with a fine tooth comb if your not cleared.

Gather quality DOFOLLOW links as google give importance to only dofollow. But yahoo gives importance to both dofollow and nofollow links. This may be the reason your site is doing well in yahoo and not in google.

The site in question is participating in some spammy link schemes…not surprised it’s doing badly.

Try by changing site titles and wait for 15 days, i think you will get results.

Care to explain how that will actually make any difference, Especially in the context of the spam link schemes they are involved in? Is this the quality of advice you give your paying clients?

Well both the search engine having different criteria for SERPs, Google give preference to back linking and yahoo give preference to title tag and meta description.

add xml site map for your website, and submit that site map url in the webmaster tool which will help to index your website in short time.
Check your on page is this correct or not, beacuse i too had a same problem for my website and then i have changed all title and description and content then i got indexed from google.


I think you need to work on every single step. Getting backlinks is one the best way to get your website ranking on Google SERP. For that you need to search specific sites with good pr like directories, forums, do follow blogs, social networking sites. You can also do article posting, press release. These are the great source of backlinks.


Care to explain how this will actually help the site in question when they are participating in spam link schemes?

Care to explain how getting more of these sorts of useless back links is actually going to help, when they’re taking part in spam schemes already. How will creating more spam help?

Many times it happen site performing good in yahoo but not in google it’s because Google have make changes in it’s SERP algorithm. Now Google go for quality of back-links means your site getting back-links are from reputed site or not.So try to create quality of back-links.

Google does have a lot more stringent measures than Yahoo, which is why many people focus on the big G, as if you can get ranked highly in it, the other search engines will follow

The never ending battle of search engines dos and don’ts. I may not necessarily agree with your statement. Particularly because, from experience, Bing always has resulted much more difficult to place in than Google or Yahoo. Does that make them least important? It depends who you ask. Do they all have different ranking and idexing criteria? They certainly do! Does anyone know for sure what these requirements are? Not unless you work for any of the above mentioned, nobody knows for sure what is the exact protocol. YET, one things that does get repeated more and more is that Google relies heavily on quality, both in content and backlink. This means that you need to have quality information on your site adorned with your important keywords. Quality in the backlinks is also important. It is best to have a handful of backlinks at relevant, prestigious and niche related sites, than have dozens of links at junk and unrelated sites.

If you keep that in mind you will be well on your way to mastering Google.

I think you work on Onpage optimization i.e title meta tags , it definately helps in getting your site indexed asap.

Care to explain exactly how the ‘title tag’ has anything to actually do with getting a site indexed?