Fast indexing by Bing


My site is a new site indexed by google and yahoo. However it is not indexed by bing.

Does any one know as to how it can be indexed by bing fast?

I have created bing webmaster tools account and uploaded the site map. But nothing has worked out now…

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Bing is the slowest search engine for indexing websites. You cant do anything. Only b patient.

The irony about all this is that MSN used to be one of the fastest indexing search engines, and could usually be relied on to show new sites much quicker than Google and Yahoo!.

As long as you have a quality content, Bing will definitely put you to a higher rank. Since Bing loves content that are more than 300 words, so you have to focus on the amount of words you’ll put in your site or blog.

Yeah just be patient.

It usually takes a while. My site is on Bing but I get next to none traffic from it so it isn’t such a big deal.

when my site indexed by google… other SEs usually follow… but you can try submitting your site to bing:

Atish I believe you need be patient and wait. Indexing is just none instant process at all.

Yes patient is one of the major factors is SEO because we have no control over any of the SEs.