My forums not doing good dont know why

i have two forum sites on the subjects that i have expertise. i also wrote a lot of content in them myself, so that they will not appear empty and now they each have several hundred threads with good original content. even the domain name of the forums are really, really good and seo friendly.

however i am not getting any… i mean any visitors… what might be wrong? what should i do except paying millions of dollars to advertise? i checked and the registration system is also working

What have you done to promote the forums, other than write hundreds of posts?

Al the SEO in the world won’t get people to come to your forums. There needs to be some kind of marketing or promotion behind it.

Can I see the site?

[FONT=verdana]You say you wrote a lot of the content yourself. Maybe that’s the problem. A forum is a place for people to ask questions, share ideas, discuss topics of mutual interest. If one person is seen as monopolising the content, it won’t be such an attractive place for other people to participate. And if people don’t want to participate, no amount of marketing will improve it.

Above all, a forum needs to be a welcoming, open community - not a sounding board for one person’s views. Concentrate on fixing that, and you might be that much closer to success.


Did you check your ranking on SERP? Maybe your forum are not present on first to second page of google that is why you don’t have any traffic at all. You also need to market your forum via social media to gain traffic.

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