Marketing a Webmaster forum?

Hey everyone,

So I have a marketing forum and it is a little slow getting users to, I was wondering what would be the best method of promoting my forum?


  • Len

Odd place to be asking… But ok.

Marketing doesn’t start with where but rather with what… What makes your community / forum / offering unique from all the others?

I’m trying to understand how a marketing forum admin / owner is looking for advice on marketing?

Try video marketing and building connections within your target communities.


The simple answer is that you’ve got to make it better than any of the several thousand existing forums that are aimed at the same audience. You can do all the SEO and social networking you like, but you won’t get visitors to come unless you can offer them high-quality solid content that they can’t get elsewhere.

I must warn you that you will be up against a lot of stiff competition. I’m not clear from your post whether you forum is concerned with marketing or with running a web site (you mention both), but either way there are a vast number of existing forums that you will be competing with (not least, of course, the one you in now).


youtube would be a good place to get your site out.

You should do relevant forums,blogs posts.Also use social media sites for getting more traffic to your forum.Nowadays YouTube is also a big channel from where people are getting lots of traffic to their websites.

Try to promote it on other marketing forum sites. There’s a section there where you can promote your forum site. :slight_smile: