My Content from Blog is Copied by someone but they also providing Dofollow Link for my blog, Is it ok?

Somebody has stolen my content from my blog. They have done ditto copy of my article. Check here:

and a copy has been posted on below link:
Even that person is using my referral link and images both with my blog logo. But they are also giving me 3 dofollow for my sites, so my question is; what I have to do, complaint or not? If they don’t remove, then may I will be penalized by Google or not??

If somebody is using your content without your permission, that’s a breach of copyright. Under “fair usage” rules, it’s OK to quote from another article (and give proper attribution), but it’s not alright to publish the entire article - especially without acknowledging the source.

You might find this article helpful; it’s old, but has been updated.

As I already told, they are giving me dofollow links… thats why I also don’t have any problem… but I want to clear… May google penalize any of both for this or not??

[quote=“kumarsluck, post:3, topic:205324”]
they are giving me dofollow links… thats why I also don’t have any problem…
[/quote]Backlinks from a poor-quality site (as it must be, if it’s stealing content) are of very little value.

Google generally doesn’t “penalise” duplicate content as much as just ignore it. So if it recognises two sites as having the same article, it will list one in search results and ignore the other. Hopefully, the one that’s shown will be the original, but there’s no guarantee of that.

I think I should first analyse their site’s DA and PA… If low then I should contact him to remove that article or I will do DMCA??? It will be right na???

Why are the images coming from
and not your site?

all the images posted on blogs which are hosted by, shows url of images like this……xxxxxx…

[quote=“kumarsluck, post:5, topic:205324”]
If low then I should contact him to remove that article or I will do DMCA???
[/quote]I’d have thought approaching the site and asking them to remove the article would be a good first move.

Ah, thanks. So the other site is hotlinking.

If you reported it to blogger they may do something about it (but what exactly?)

Yeah right… his alexa rank is: 12,695,577 (1 crore 26 lacs)… lolzz and DA 9…
Am going to ask him to remove… right now… thanks

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I did read that Google does try to identify which version is the original and not penalise that one.
There doesn’t seem to be any mention of you as the original author, as if the poster is passing it off as their own. The links you have are only there I guess because there are in your original html and the laziness of the copycat does not remove them. It’s not as if they are there for your benefit or acknowledgement.
I had an article which I spent a lot of time researching and writing copied by another site without any form of permission, credit or attribution (I have yet to do anything about it).
If I Google the subject matter of the article, mine comes top, the the copycat is there on page 1 in 8th place. So Google has indexed both versions but favours the original.
If I do the same search in Bing, my article is in 2nd place, but the top one is another of mine on a related subject containing those keywords. The copied article is 4th.
I was going to say, because it was the case the last time I tried, that annoyingly, the copy was above me in Bing, but trying just now, that is no longer the case.


Yes, I’m sure that’s the case, but there’s no guarantee they’ll get it right - especially if the copy was made very soon after the original was posted. In the case of @kumarsluck’s article, I can see nothing on his post to say when it was made. So if both sites show up in the search results, it’s very hard for somebody to know at first glance which is the original. So he could miss out on traffic from search engines.

IIRC they did say that (it was an official Goolge article I was reading).

It’s probably a case of who gets crawled first. I have started making a point of using “Fetch as Google” whenever I update or add content. The indexing seems almost instant after doing that.

Good point, I also use Google fetch after wrtiting or updating my post. Main thing my this post is already ranked in google and am already getting traffic from google through searches, and when I try to search with the same keyword used by visitor before landing on this post page… I found my post is always on 2-3 position on first page and url of spammer is not been listed even on 7-8 page.

And blogger’s post is already identified with the url of post… After slash of .com/ url starts with 2015/05…which indicates this post was published in may 2015.

I think google may using this to identify the real contents. And this is automatic in all bloggers blog, nobody can change it at any cost.

Yeah @SamA74 he has not given me the links intentionally.
As you said there I have not mentioned that I was the original author of that post, kindly let me know how to do that?? Also, Meta author tag is already mentioned in template.

There was rel=“author” but Google now says it no longer supports that. So I guess they want you to use Structured Data instead.

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