Stealing content!

So today i wanted to see if google had indexed all my blog pages so i searched for some of the text on my blog posts and it seems like someone has copied every single blog post of ours!! And the ironic thing is that he is ranking higher in every searched post…So what can i do to protect myself in the future and to resolve the situation? The problem is also that it seems that the person has manipulated the date of his copied blog post and it says that his post was before mine! Other articles on this site seems to be copies from other articles as well.

Any advice?


You may want to check out this article on content stealing - it’s unfortunately very common, however in my case, things were resolved after an email or two. Good luck!

I doubt that emails to the webmaster will help since thats the whole point of the website… but I don’t understand how his copied content can be ranked over others original content…my suspicion is that by manipulating the date of his post he is tricking the se that his content is the original…

someone copying content could easily rank well, making proper marketing.
i dont think date would even play much role with this.

wow that is interesting! So what are the options here? How do you protect yourself from someone stealing your content and when I say stealing I mean straight copying. Or is there no protection?

Now a days there are lots of people started to steal the content and they put on own to their website then do a proper on-page and off-page optimization and rank higher. Although there are few techniques(like copyspace) to stop this nonsense the webmasters or the website owners should monitor their keywords at least through Google alerts and check the new copied blogs or pages etc and report as soon as possible(through webmaster tools)

A few suggestions on dealing with stolen content (which I’ve shamelessly stolen from

Inform the web hosting company. To find out who the web host is, search the domain here:

Report to Google AdSense. If the site runs AdSense, email and say that the site is earning revenue off your stolen content hence violating AdSense TOS.

Report to Google AdSense anonymously. Click on the Ads by Google header found on all AdSense ad units – it brings you to a page where you can report abuse. It’s not too apparent when you first get to the page but the link is located right at the bottom.

File a DCMA report. If the perpetrator is US based, file a DCMA notice (

One more piece of advice. Search the content forum to find dozens of threads on this topic.

I know there is a plugin in wordpress that disables to copy and paste the content…at least something

I’m quite sorry that someone is mean enough tondo that to you.

Does anyone have any idea what this plug-in is or will we have to ask the wordpress fellas?

hey nahoms, I’ve never heard of a wordpress plugin that restricts someone from copying your content. But if there really is, can you tell us what it is?

Hi guys here is a link to the plugin, I haven’t tried it do but it should do the trick:

just realized that this plugin only protects from copy and paste stealing as it disables the user to right click on your text…

There is only one way to stop people copying and pasting the contents, and that is to not put the contents on the internet.

I suspect that the plug-in you are talking about simply disables the right-click context menu. Don’t use it. As well as being completely and utterly 100% useless - anything that can be achieved by right-clicking can also be achieved some other way, not least by turning off Javascript and then right-clicking - it will be incredibly irritating for your visitors, many of whom will use right-clicking for a whole range of other things that don’t involve copying your content.

I have emailed the content thief but no answer so far…I read somewhere a way to use the situation to your advantage is to insert links on to your site on your content and i tried it… since it is a machine copying my content a couple hours later the content was on the other website including the links to my site. Since this site is ranked above me and is about the same niche is this still a bad situation or can i use this whole situation to my advantage?



You might want to try sending an abuse complaint to the network owner or the hosting company along with some proofs.

This is so true. I almost fell for that one and thought it might be a good idea to really install that plugin. thanks for your word of caution.

Let them steal your content. Just ask for a link back. Then, you both benefit.

Eventually what comes around goes around, so this person’s success will be short lived. I have had articles lifted and hosted on other sites. At least the links were left to my site. To me in that case, that is a compliment, not stealing

You are lucky if that is what they will always do every time.