Copywrite and Blogging Violation?

Okay I did a Blog post, there were comments and I commented in reply to one those comments, someone has now copied and pasted my comment as a post on their blog,

They didnt take credit for the post, at the top they had just added, this is a real response, im not making it up.

Is that good form??? and should they be blasting it over all social media sites that they belong to.

Im a small blogger and get 50 hits a day, this person blogs must get several hundred to a thousand.

I sent them a message and all they said was “Its the internet and it serves me right for being an ****”

Is it a copywrite violation, or are they just morally wrong or am I being too senstive.

I don’t think this is any kind of violation. But, Yes, its morally wrong.

Plagiarism is very common on web and you can do much about it other than telling the webmaster to remove this.

Plagiarism in any form is a “violation”. It is not only immoral, it is illegal. Contact the blogger and ask them to remove your comment (cease and desist). Although, they can still link to it a single comment posted from a discussion is often out-of-context and may read differently than intended.

If they don’t remove the post, then take further action. Contact their web host, file a DMCA… etc., etc., etc.,

This type of things happen very often. You just can’t stop it. Its just immoral. No doubt the people who does all these does not even an attempt to think.