Why my Website is Not Showing in the Google search Results?

It been a year my Website is not Showing Up in the Google, We have followed All the Basic Elements Properly still not showing up in the search results.

But the thing is site is getting indexed if we also check on the google search console it showing average position is Within and in other search engines like bing, Yahoo we are getting indexed in first page.

so i was wondering what might be a issue?

My Website link : www . agelockskinclinic . com

I suspect you have run some tests.

Did you follow their recommendations? For an example W3C Markup Validation and speed enhancement?

I guess that the 3 most important things to get Google interested is good content, high speed and mobile first.

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This brings up a lot of errors.

Maybe you need to check these things as follow:

  1. Wether your website has a “no index” tag or not.
  2. The keywords used on your website are very competitive.
  3. Wether your website has been removed from Google or not.

The site is being indexed. It’s being listed in Google (though it manages to fail to surpass its own Instagram account for ranking if you search for the name of the company). If you’re not ranking highly in whatever buzzwords you’re trying to rank in… shrug noone’s going to be able to say “here’s a magic bullet, do these 3 things and you’ll be first page of google in your keyword”. Anyone who does say that is blowing smoke.

Follow basic SEO guidelines, sort out that validation mess Sam pointed at (though i suspect a lot of it is due to how Javascript is interacting with the page, based on a quick skim of the results).

you have to analyze your website via google search Console… what’s going on…
Some tips:-

  1. Apply internal linking to your web pages - on words
  2. Do link building
  3. Analyze your GSC.

The competitiveness of your targeted keywords could be a factor, making it challenging to rank well on Google. Evaluating the quality and relevance of your content is important, as Google prioritizes valuable and unique content. Technical issues could affect your site’s visibility, so it’s crucial to check for crawl errors and optimize your website’s structure. Moreover, acquiring authoritative backlinks from reputable sources can boost your credibility and visibility on Google. Considering the complexity of SEO, seeking guidance from an experienced professional who can conduct a thorough analysis and provide tailored recommendations may be beneficial.

The variables to get a high(er) ranking of your site, in order of importance:

  1. Search engine advertisement (SEA). (Beware of the new Google Ads rules, that now also place your ads on YouTube.)
  2. Uniqueness of the content of your site.
  3. Number of links on other sites to your site.
  4. SEO.
  5. Mobile friendliness (responsive design).

Although I’m not sure about 4 and 5. Maybe they should be the other way around.

Well, have you done proper keyword research for your website? It may be that you are doing everything but using the wrong keywords or that your keywords are highly competitive. If the keywords are highly competitive, it will be difficult to rank them.

Well, there are so many reasons why your site is not showing up in search results, like the fact that it is not indexed or that the Keywords that you are using are very competitive. Maybe you didn’t follow the SEO guidelines. But I would suggest you do a site audit first, check what your competitors are doing, and then make a full-fledged plan for your SEO.

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