Must-have Wordpress Plug-ins from Envato Market? (cyber Monday)

So it’s cyber Monday and I don’t want to miss out on 50% off from some plugins and themes. I’m a beginner so I don’t know what’s “worth buying” in terms of this.

was thinking of launching a site or section for selling learning courses on my site…
Which is better, education Wordpress or MasterStudy? both are $34 and seem packed with features. I like the membership options with the first one

Are any of the cyber Monday themes a must have?

I want to make a membership based website. Is “ultimate membership pro” a good plugin? Or is there better? It looks good from what I see here. I just wanted to get an idea of what my options are. I do want to start This membership type of site.

Is Premium SEO pack worth it? Or is there free ones that do the same? Again the video they have look good but I’m a newbie when it comes to Seo. I never thought one needed to buy a plugin but this has good reviews and seems to make life easier for some things:

Anyone familiar with Ultimate Affiliate Pro? Is it good? I may want to add some sort of affiliate type of marketing to my site to make money and

Is mailster or “easy social share buttons” plugins worth it? These seem like the type of plugin to have a free counterpart but they’re downloaded a lot and have good reviews. I don’t want to spend money on plugins when they’re free ones around:

Thx for your help

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