Membership site for education course viable ways to do it cheaply

I am setting up a membership site for a client on wordpress. I went to the client with a $500 minimum offer and they came back to me with $300. I said that I could do a simple setup for that where I linked their training page to and then people could enrol in a course from there and be sent a WP password protected page. Is this a viable solution?

My ideal way would be to use Paid membership pro plugin with payments taken through Paypal. I feel that the first option is really compromising my work quality to please the clients budget.

Can someone please tell me which option is best, because while I have gotten paid membership pro to work on a test site that doesn’t mean that I am confident with it with a client.


I personally would tell them that thinking that a site worthy of their business name can be made for that price is pure fantasy.

Short of that, look at one of the WordPress courseware plugins - WooThemes has Sensei, ther is WP-Courseware, WPMUDev has CoursePressPlus, etc.

Most include a way to access the usual payment gateways and restrict access to lessons to those who have paid for the course. Otherwise you can use a membership plugin to protect the course content.

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