Best CMS for LMS? Moodle? Drupal? WordPress?

Looking to create a pay eLearning site.

Will need:

  • A way to accept payments and manage memberships
  • A mobile theme
  • Quizzes and tests
  • A way to arrange courses into chapters
  • To display screencasts
  • flashcards (maybe)

Moodle seems a little slow and clunky. It seems more geared to K-3 than a pay online instruction site.

WordPress Sensei looks okay, but I have read some bad stuff about WooThemes: poor support, etc. I have also read bad stuff about WPMU.

I am not sure what Drupal LMS is. Is it just a collection of modules?

If you’re considering wordpress, there’s a handful of various LMS plugins available–you aren’t just limited to Sensei.

As for membership payments, that can be handled with a separate plugin, as not all LMS plugins come with that built-in.

Yes, I am also considering WP Courseware and Learndash.

I would think that Sensei would integrate with Woocommerce, which also looks good. Then again, I am reading some negative reports about WooThemes.

First, thank you for taking a look at LearnDash. I’m not sure if you have made your decision yet, but I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about LearnDash and its functionality - including its compatibility with WooCommerce. <snip/>

Justin Ferriman
Founder, LearnDash