Multiple domains from single hosting

If I host multiple domain form single hosting plan, all website will get single one IP? If I purchase reseller account then also all domain get same IP? Generally Google gives value for link, when it comes from different IP. I want to host 10 website and link my 2 website one way. Except dedicated IP for each website is there any option available? Kindly suggest me your opinion.

Yes they will get the same IP as your host will more than likely host all of the accounts you resell on the same server.

I’m afraid there wouldn’t be any other option but to get a dedicated IP for each. Personally I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I think Google are much smarter than that and will be able to tell that your websites are on the same server even if they all have dedicated IPs.


I have seen that on other forums today and I would like to ask you: what is the problem of having shared IP? Maybe you doubt about something?

He/she would like to link their websites together. It’s said that Google devalues links if both of the sites are using the same IP address.


As far as I know 301 redirect is SEo friendly and will be able to do that.

It would be if they were changing domain name but they want to link multiple sites together without redirecting.


I believe they need SEO hosting solution. I know hostgator provides somathing related. But the price for the dedicated IP is high in comparisin to ordinary web hosting accounts.

You’re referring to

Personally, I don’t think that using different IPs is of any help to anyone who’s not using black hat SEO in the first place. Interlinking a couple of sites you own won’t do any harm.

IPs for SEO related reasons are going to be harder and harder to come by (and as such more and more expensive) as IPv4 gets closer to depletion.

As Dan said unless you’re doing “black hat” SEO where you’re doing things you’re not really “supposed” to do to game the system and SERPs then being on the same IP isn’t going to create any problems.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions.