Multiply Domain in the same IP or Computer

Hi i’m new on seo and online stuffs. and maybe this is a stupid question, but i really want to know. its okay to have more then 2 website/blog on the same IP or pc?? i mean now i had one blog with technology niche and i want to make a new blog with gossip niche and then i want to login and post it the article on my computer with the same ip (dynamic). Does google will penalize me because this?? what i need to do if google don’t allow it?

and one thing, can i link it together from A and B so my visitors know my other blog.

I saw on this thread HOw to use one ip address for 2 domains? but still not help for me. I really appreciate for every answer and suggestion you give. Thanks and sorry for my bad grammer :smile:

To answer what I think you’re asking, you can certainly have more than one site on an IP and on the same computer/server. Shared web hosts often have many separate customers entirely all sharing an IP address and the same hardware. No penalties unless the IP is black-listed for spam or something.

That said I’m not sure why you’d want to host a site on a computer with a dynamic IP. Seems like you’d have trouble with your domain every time the IP changed. Have you considered a cheap shared hosting service?

I think @Steve_Long is asking about updating two different blogs from the same computer - whether the search engines will somehow know about this and penalise him. And again, the answer is no. The computer you use to access your sites to update them is irrelevant. I imagine most folk here manage more than one site from their computer.

[quote=“Steve_Long, post:1, topic:102431”]
and one thing, can i link it together from A and B so my visitors know my other blog.
[/quote]Yes, you can link from one site to the other for the benefit of visitors.

Oh, yeah, if I misunderstood that, then definitely I agree with you!

Google or any other search engine would have no practical interest in penalizing people based on where the site is updated from, whether that be one or one hundred.

At least they better not or I’m SOL :smiley:

While most of the web is still using IPv4 there can’t be a penalty for sharing IPs as they ran out a year or two back and there are lots of things sharing the same IP.

Once the web switches to IPv6 and everyone gets a few million IP addresses of their very own then there will be no reason for two sites to share the same IP address.

Yes it’s possible called shared web hosting. But if you want to use secure website HTTP (HTTPS), in that case you have to use a unique IP address for that website.

Until such time as the hosting converts to IPv6, the provider will become more and more restrictive on who is allowed to have one of the very limited number of IPv4 addresses they have available since once those are gone there are no more to get.

@all Sorry for my late respone, i was on trip. and thanks alot for all the reply. i don’t had a problem with the ip changes. TechnoBear said Google wouldn’t penalise me if i had two blogs on my ISP or same computer with the same network. but its okay if i build my blogs like using pyramid link or link wheel with the same network?? do i have to use proxies to hide it from google. i mean like hide footprint.

No. sorry, those things are not all right, whether you use sites with the same IP address or not. Any kind of unnatural link building may lead to Google penalising your site.

And any technique you use to try to fool Google in some way is likely to have the same effect.

So my advice - don’t even try. Concentrate on the content and quality of your site, and forget any SEO “tricks” you may have heard about.

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Ah i get it what you mean now. so my idea was bad :smiley: and i heard this month that link building with PBN (Private Blog Network) will get penalise(cmiiw). Ok thank you guys for all your helps. i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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