Few questions re hosting

At the moment I have three sites all hosted on 123. Looking to buy a couple more domains and host them. Is it advantageous to use a different company for the new sites from an interlinking perspective? Also, any recomendations for hosting companies? Traffic would be very low to start with. Don’t know what information would be needed to help me so let me know.

Thanks in advance

Hi bobbydb and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Having multiple sites hosted with the same company shouldn’t be a problem. Having multiple sites hosted on the same server and all linking to each other might be. If there is a genuine reason why they are linked, then Google should be able to spot the difference between that and link farming, so unless you’re doing something dodgy, I don’t think you need worry. (And 123 is such a large company that the chances of your sites all being on the same server is pretty remote.)

Are you looking for UK hosting? I have several small sites hosted on shared hosting with UKHost4u and have had no problems at all.

Hi. Thanks very much. Is there a “thanks” button here - am I being blind? Yeah, it would be UK hosting and for a gambling-related site so need to allow that. Will look at the company you suggested. Traffic would be less than 10,000 per month, certainly for a while.

No, there isn’t one. :slight_smile:

I asked UKHost4u a number of questions before I signed up with them (bad experience with previous hosts ;)) and they were very helpful, so if you can’t find the info you want, just e-mail them.


I believe that using different IP addresses (in different blocks, not just dedicated IP’s for each domain) would help with your PR.

To throw another possible (UK) host in the mix, webhostingbuzz.co.uk should be considered, too. I’ve been using their US counterpart for years with ZERO problems so their UK operation should be as outstanding, too.



Cheers, will look into both of those.

It is always a good idea to call or e-mail and ask your selected hosting providers a few necessary questions before signing up for your plan. Most are more than happy to answer your questions and even put you on different servers or at different Data centers if the host provides multiple locations.

Cheers, we asked 123 and apparently we’re on the same IP with them…is that the same as server?

Not exactly, but the IP address is the important bit and is what I had in mind. :slight_smile: The chances are that a new account with 123 would be on a different server and therefore have a different IP address, although as dklynn says, you could specifically request that. I don’t know how helpful they would be; my experience of them is fairly limited.

Before you go wasting money buying multiple hosting plans, consider one small VPS that will host multiple sites all in one server for one price that will ultimately be cheaper.


Low end plans are far less expensive (and with more capability - except SSL) then most VPS plans. Do the match before jumping, bubbydb.