Movie Related Ad Network


I run a movie site which right now has over 30.000 ad impressions a day ( almost 100.000 when we are done optimizing the site) but we barely make money off Adsense. Our users are on our site all the time and barely click on anything (savvy internet users) but we do need to make at least enough to cover our server costs and treat ourselves to a beer once in a while.

I guess best would be going with a CPM network but I was wondering if there are any niche networks offering ads about new movies or anything movie related?

Anyone can help?

Vincente - email me at rformentin at my yahoo email (you know the format - trying to reduce spam) with your contact info and I’ll call you Monday morning. I can help give you some guidance

There is many ways how to convert but all requires customization…
right now I would suggest but there is more programs for movie sites than this.