More Views for Blog


Could you give me some tips on how could I generate more view for my blogsite?

Internet marketing involves SEO and a lot more. Start by reading the stickies on this site, such as this:

Beyond that, look into social networking, blogging and the like.

And before the dodgy SEO numpties get to you, have a read of How to Get Traffic to your Site the Decent Way.

Hi ralph.m,

Those are good reads. Thanks, I’ll check them out.

You can generate more traffic on your blogsite by:-

  1. Making proper and related Url of your site.
    2.Making proper title of your blog.
  2. Writing fresh,related, good and user friendly content rather than web friendly content.
  3. Posting regularly to show your activeness.
  4. Reply to the comments which people have commented on your blogsite.

Do below tasks to get more traffic:

  1. Share on facebook, twitter, google+ etc
  2. Submit your blog to directories and social bookmarking sites
  3. Make comments on other niche blogs (with link) and make posts on niche forums (with link)
  4. Join blog communities like blokube, bloginteract,bizsugar etc

Make a post in any social media sites that will point to your blog (put a back links) or put a url before or after on your post.
You can post also in the forum related on your blog. Anyway all the comments above are correct.