Need help with my blog?!

:confused: <snip /> Just made that blog a few days ago and I’m trying to find ways to drive traffic and may even earn a little on the side. And yes I will be getting a proper domain I just want to see more traffic come through first and I would like help driving traffic and getting clicks. I’m new to all this SEO stuff so please don’t be to technical, thanks - Carl :slight_smile:

You’re entering the massive world of SEO. You can read on some SEO blogs and the begginers guide on is a good starting point.

I believe this site can help you refer to other useful SEO websites:

I say you should optimize first OnPage SEO before you do Offpage. This helps to prepare yourself to accept visitors. Hint: Long-tailed keywords (up to 4 keywords) are favorable to Google these days.

First of all welcome to the community carl, Hope you will enjoy our company here.

SEO is the vast area. As you are asking about to earn traffic on site, I would suggest you to share your blog on facebook, twitter linkdin. In our technical language we called this method as SMO which is social media optimisation. And if we talk about to gain traffic then these social sites can help you more to generate huge traffic on site.

Hope this will help you friend.

In order to get more traffic to your blog, you just have to get connected with other bloggers whose niche is the same as yours.
Interact with them and then form a network of blogger-friends. I don’t think there’s a better way than that.
I’m sure you’ll find bloggers out there who may like what you’re posting.

Just remember to concentrate on the content, quality comes in first, then you can think about traffic.