Mobile website using php

hi all

can anybody have an idea how to develop a mobile website from existing php project ? Let me explain the situation.

I have a shopping cart website which is running in php.I just need this in the mobile and also in the web.In nutshell , this should run on both platforms.I think I will have to modify html,css for creating mobile site if its from the existing site.

how do I adapt my website which is written in php - to accommodate in mobile browsers ?

Should I research anything ? please share your ideas


I think the best options are firefox base browser plug-in for user agent or you can download the devices simulator which is more better.

you can also use the too.

hi all
I just want to run the application in simulator from my pc for testing.which is the best simulator ?


can any one know the best simulator for testing php based mobile web application

Opera Mini?

The mobile screen space is very limited. So you have to create an alternative layout.

Best is to create a different version of the site linking to the same database - use very few elements and include some meta tags and CSS for mobile compatibility. There are several resources on the Net that describe these.

Here is one:


For a website to be easily accessible in mobile browser it is more about HTML/CSS layout, rather than server side scripting language used. You need to create alternative site template and redirect to it checking User-Agent header for mobile browsers.