How to create Mobile websites?


I am trying to learn how to create websites for mobile devices?

Where can i find starting material?

I found WAP/WML Tutorial on W3 Schools, is that sufficient? or do i need to learn any other technologies too?

How can i test the pages for different mobile devices?


No WML is not sufficient, W3Schools teaches a lot of outdated stuff these days, it’s literally an abandoned website.

WML has been officially deprecated and is no longer used for most mobile devices. Most smartphones these days use proper website rendering engines to make your code look equally as good as it would on a desktop machine. Basically, you’ll want to continue using HTML and CSS except take a few considerations into account… mobile devices have smaller screens (therefore don’t use columns or fixed widths), they need to be fast loading and scroll as little as possible (so try and make the content and images smaller to ensure poor cellphone Internet users can load your sites quickly and easily), don’t rely on Flash (80% of all mobile devices are Flash intolerant… ah Apple) and you’ll want to have the mobile site separate from the main website (just so people can pick if they want the more basic and faster mobile site or the fully fledged website). They are the general rules to follow, I recommend having your mobile site on a subdomain like… as for testing, this is tricky… there are emulators out there but only for a limited number of devices, their not too accurate and there’s thousands of potential devices to check in therefore I would simply keep things as simple and easy as possible and thereby ensure the browser won’t get too confused. :slight_smile:

i’m wonder if i cand adapt a html / php website to mobile version?

Well, you can and you can’t… the reason I suggest having a separate version is because every known method of delivering an existing design to mobile devices has issues with it. It’s basically like HTML email, you have a bunch of standards which devices don’t comply with properly or to different extents (this includes CSS media selectors, device detection and XHTML-MP). Therefore you’re going to end up with code that’s hacked and tweaked to pieces (and even then you’ll still be missing out on the benefits of a separate design for mobile devices such as the increase in speed). :slight_smile: