How to test Mobile based web pages

Iam newbie to mobile application development. How can I test web pages which are to be developed for mobiles.

I mean, is there any mobile simulator to test on desktop.

2- How would I test http://localhost/myapp/mobile

Can some one guide me in detail.

Thanks in advance

You need to put the website online, then you can use the Opera Mini Simulator.

Opera has the largest market share among mobile devices right now, followed by the iPhone.

The iPhone basically runs Safari, so you can download that and test it on your desktop.

If you really want to know what people are seeing, then buy a few phones to use for testing

OpenWave also supports a few handsets on the market

And there is the DotMobi simulator:

I’ve been hitting a brick wall in terms of local testing myself.

As a previous reply said, there are a lot more emulators out there if the resource you wish to test is also available publicly online.

In terms of downloadable, locally-installable emulators, there aint much which still surprises me to be honest

I’ve found the OpenWave emulator mentioned earlier fairly useful, and managed to get a Backberry and a Motorola emulator running as well as an ancient Nokia emulator (doesn’t like PNGs very much tho…)

FYI here are some links to some emulator resources I’ve collected over the last couple of years - good luck :slight_smile:

does javascript work on the mobile version ?

Flanker, JavaScript has very limited support on mobile devices, you should not rely on anything to work, CSS is hazardous in many situations as well. The best thing anyone can do is just test, test and test some more and use progressive enhancement to try and ensure that when things break (as they probably will) the site can be browsed and the device can cope. :slight_smile:

For Windows Mobile, Microsoft provides downloable emulators.

With that, you can install NetFront, Opera Mobile (the powerful regular version of Opera with good JS support, etc.), etc.

You can go to Sprint or Mac store - they will let you get online there.

Yeah there is! try mac store.

Directed at the last two posters: What are you talking about, Mac’s arent “mobile emulators”, cant you people even read the subject line, let alone the threads? :nono:

Sounds like they’re saying go to the Sprint or Mac store and you can try the site on real mobile phones for free.

Perhaps but even if that were true, I doubt it’s a realistic solution, the mac store only stocks phones with apple browsers (namely iPhone with Safari) - which can be tested using standard Safari browser to the same effect. As for other mobile carriers, I doubt they would be happy letting you wonder in every week or so to “test” your website in all their models on a regular basis :stuck_out_tongue:

[INDENT]How to test Mobile based web pages
Iam newbie to mobile application development. How can I test web pages which are to be developed for mobiles.


Yes that is what they are saying. The title of the post is how to test mobile based web pages - Then he follows with how can I test web pages which are developed for mobiles.

I test my mobile pages at cell phone strores and on iphones at the mac stores. Real world testing tells you a lot about how your pages will look on different devices.

Been testing web pages at BestBuy et al. for years. Still do - I usually have to go there anyway - and as far as them ‘letting’ you? Who cares? We buy their products, we make sites that make their products more successful. How exactly are they going to stop you.

you can also consider outsourcing to a mobile QA or porting company like ThePortingLab.