Mobile Web Design - what's best?


What’s the best way to create a mobile friendly version of a website?

create a subdomain using php script with php redirect code on main site?
create a mobile site from scratch using it’s own style sheet
Add mobile style sheet to main site

Since I’m a web designer I thought it was about time to start learning the best practices of mobile web design and perhaps offer it to existing cusrtomers.

I look forward to your replies.


This should answer some of your questions.

Then there are some existing threads for you to read so do a quick search of the forums and you will find some more.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the resources.
Would you recommend just creating a home page if building a mobile site from scratch or several pages?

It depends on your resources. If you want to maintain multiple sites and have the resources to do so then you can have a mobile specific site. Large companies can affford to go down that route and develop espeically for mobile but it may not suit smaller companies with less resources.

Most small to medium sites though be accommodated by the method in the first link I posted.

There are some more resources here:

Look up responsive web design and media queries - and every page should work on mobile (or any device) - not so hard with CSS