Mis-placed HTML

please see

https://forallthetime.com/BI20/rentals.html# and


struggling here :frowning:

yes, i have tried to understand this before this post

what i am after is the 2 boders on https://forallthetime.com/BI20/index.html

one ontop of the other


here there is a border INSIDE another , not separate link index.html

i hope i am clear :slight_smile:

also, please


i got this validation to 2 items, i successfuly figured out most of the issues, now resolved

i need help here :slight_smile:

maybe a codepen? or whatever you think is best

i thank you!

On rentals, You didnt close the panel before the container.
On index, you did.

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This is the section of code that the validator highlights? :


Where in the above code do you think the problem lies?

Try to work out what the problem is and why it is an issue. You need to be able to develop skills to spot things like this straight away to save you problems later on. :slight_smile:



should be

validator came back clean!


yes, i had multiple errors, warning and figured all of them out

on my way!


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