Wonky validation problem

i have been validating my HTML and CSS in their proper place

i see my problem, fix it, save it and use FTP to put up the new, fixed code

i give it hours (or more?) and return to the validator and i get the same errors, and maybe info and warning too

please tell me why my corrected code continues to show problems in my validator

am i missing something? skipping something?

what can i do??

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Do you revalidate it immediately after you have uploaded the new code? Are you using a CDN? Perhaps you could try and add a comment or two in the new code and check whether they have been removed.

Sometimes it’s not obvious what the error actually is, so you may be fixing the wrong thing.

dont think so :frowning:

should i try or let some time pass?

let me know what is best!

ok, stop for a second… i made a new directory named


and i am getting

no errors found


tell me, could a new directory solve my crisis?

not today, but i will re-validate my errors with my new directory

CDNs and comments can wait :slight_smile:

i may not need them!



i have been paying attention to where i correct my code :slight_smile:

please see Suggest a CSS book from the sitepoint library - #2 by ralphm

and respond :slight_smile:

thank you!


crisis averted!

that new directory did the trick

i have only two questions, at leats for now :slight_smile:



how can i fix it? i dont get the description of my issue

i DO get line 324, resolved




Firstly, lighten() isn’t a CSS function.

It also doesn’t like this:

background-color: lightblue 20%,rgba(3, 58, 20) 80%;

What are you trying to do there?

ok, got this code from codepen

if its not working, not doing anything and if its moot, i feel like i should simply remove it

please address this too :slight_smile:


your $0.02 please

thanks again!!!

Looks you copied SASS not css as lighten() is a sass preprocessor instruction.

When you copy someone’s code from code pen makes sure you copy the compiled CSS code and not the raw sass code unless you have sass set up on your system.



i learned something new here :slight_smile:

not to bug you, as i suggested, should i remove background-color: lightblue 20%,rgba(3, 58, 20) 80%;

would that solve my issue, espcialy if i dont have SASS

if not, please advise what i should do

and go slow for me!

Paul has already said what to do:

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I’d need to see where that code came from as it looks like it may be part of a linear gradient but at the moment it will do nothing because it’s not real css so can be removed.

You should go back to where you copied the code from and check you have copied correctly.

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