Mac or PC?

I’ve always used PC and I know PC still has the majority market share in the general population.

But in the web developer population, do most web developers use Mac or PC?

I’ve voted Mac, as it’s what I spend most of my time with. I also have Linux and Win pc’s though, used in frequency in that order.

PC user here, although Mac has previously been hardware of choice. For me the PC gives you more flexibility, when set up with VMWare, you can run anything (MSDN really helps).

I was a PC user and I swore I’d never change. Then work gave me a Macbook Air and I will never, ever go back. I am a true convert.

I’m using Macs but PCs are just as good. Like logic_earth said, they’re tools and equally good. The only disadvantage you’d have when using a Windows machine is the fact that you can’t legally have an OS X partition, something that might be an inconvenience when wanting to test sites on all operating systems.

Does not matter what you use, they are just tools.
Use what you are comfortable with.

Since I’m more used to using a desktop pc in windows OS, I’ll vote for it. Basically it’s all about where you were and are comfortable using when you’re doing your webmaster jobs. My Desktop already have a connection with how I work so using mac or any other sort of device might take time to fully maximized on my part.

Where is the ‘both’ option?!
I use a PC at home and home office and PC and Mac in the Work Office. They both have pro’s and con’s, things I like and things I dislike.
Historical preference would be PC but future is looking Macish

Use PC for too long time, it’s difficult to switch and learn all over again.

Use PC for too long time, it’s difficult to switch and learn all over again.

I agree with this as I tried Linux and got so frustrated I gave up and nobody seems willing to give me any mac hardware to try :lol:

Saying that I was given a Ipad 1 in my new job and I tried it out and could not get the hang of that either; again its something else to learn and it has been shoved up the corner of my desk for a month or more. I had forgotten all about it until now :blush:

I’ve primarily lived in the Windows world, though have used OS X and ubuntu for various things.

OS X is a closed environment, and if a tool doesn’t do something out of the box, it’s typically not going to. The Windows world tends to be more forgiving and have more options. Until OS X changes in that regard, it won’t be a very good choice of platform for the work I tend to do.

I Just like to use PC

I have used PC and Linux(Ubuntu) but never tried my hands on a MAC. My personal favorite is PC, till now nothing can beat it in terms of applications it can run specially Gaming.


I’ve become very used to both so I honestly stopped caring once the machine is fast, has the software I need and works.

I love pc’s - most games are for pc’s and most software are for pc. so i prefer pc’s ;)) mac is nice by it’s interface and it’s stability - but actually it’s stability - just stability of unix like OS - nothing more.

I prefert pc. But i know mac is cool

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I used to use PC,I think it is more convenient for me.But if I have MAC,it will be great!

All scientific research has proven that Macs are better than PCs, so that’s really the end of the matter.

[Unfortunately, I can’t cite any of that research, because I just made it up.]

Computer was introduced using Windows so I am comfortable with it over MAC… No one give me a MAC PC…

either or,. which ever gets the job done