Move to Mac or Stick With PC


I’m on the verge of splashing out on a new computer for web development and I’m trying to decide whether to stick with PC or give Mac a go.

Whichever I choose, I’ll need to buy a load of new software, so there aren’t any significant savings in sticking to PC.

My work involves loads of hand coding (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), and a bit of image editing in Photoshop. Although I’m drawn towards the Mac, I’m aware that cross browser testing isn’t going to quite so straight forward and I’ll still be using a Windows laptop, so I imagine that could prove awkward in the future.

Can any other developers here who have made the switch let me know whether it was worth any hassle and the extra learning curve? Or would it make more sense to stick with PC, seeing as I don’t have any complaints at all with this system?

I hope I don’t start a Mac vs PC war…



Well if you don’t really care about the OS the system runs. I would just pick the best hardware for the best price. What ever is in my budget. However, are you going for a desktop or a laptop? If a desktop, I would go to newegg and assemble my own. Its cheaper and you know exactly whats going into it. Of course building your own rules out Apple entirely.

Just to make it clear, a computer is a tool, it should be treated as such. If you are like me, I go switch operating systems like nothing. Give me a couple of minutes to wade though a new system and I’m an expert. Would be nice if more people could adapt as easily as I can. Nor does it really matter, both platforms you are talking about are capable of the same exact thing.

Check first if all the software you need is available for Mac. Because Mac have a limited selection of software.