Lowest Price for .co.uk Domain Names?

Been doing a bit of research into .co.uk domain names.

I’ve seen a few offers out there for £2.99 per year.

Came across a price of £2.50 per year at:


Does anyone know of a better offer than that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I heard first time about them, it’s advisable to register domain name from a reliable and reputed registrar.

Daily.co.uk have .co.uk domains at £2.95 but if you are buying in bulk it can go down to £2.50, their the registrar I use so I can recommend them. :slight_smile:


I suppose there is some minimum in the price and no one can beat it. So possibly you have already found it?

please tell me the steps how to get the domain because the cost is very low

^ You need to open your account with the registrar from where you would like to register the domain name and follow the steps.