Cheapest domain registrar?

I have a few domain names that I want to buy just for fun. Which is the cheapest domain name registrar right now?

.tk are free, .eu adn .in just $5.49 ,

What I mean is, which registrars offers the cheapest price for registering .com/.net/.org domain names?

Godaddy, and some folks like 1&1 as well.

bigrock is cheapest domain registrar starting $1.5 per domain, you should try or just make a research about it, there is lots of companies those offering cheapest domain registration you know well

Even though they are cheaper. I still like godaddy. I buy all my domains there. Never hosting though. I host my own stuff. 11.99$ really isn’t much for a domain name. Just skip a meal out one week :wink:

yea i know i get a good deal on domain registrations myself like .coms and .net are like $4 from where i get mine from

Be careful with 1and1. I’ve heard some bad stories about people not being able to transfer their domains from there. You sometimes get what you pay for. Also, some registrars renew prices are huge. Yahoo offer a 1.99 .com domain for newbies, but charge 35.00 to renew!

I pay $6.95 for a .com/.net/.org. I think that is the cheapest in my search thus far. The coupon deals are scams in my opinion as the following year your domain will increase in pricing.

godaddy has always some actions and you can buy .com doamin of 2 $

resellerclub is the best as far as domain safety is concerned. rest all keep the domains for ransom, specially godaddy.
Just for the information of all that .com .net .biz are going to be costly around $1 from 14 Jan. 2012.
Good luck

You might want to reconsider GoDaddy - many people are boycotting them because of their involvement in SOPA. I moved my five domains away from them this week.

godaddy retracted their support of SOPA after customers voiced their opinions about their announcement.


However, it looks like their retraction didn’t help much, as they lost over 21,000 domains:

Godaddy appears to have lost 37,000+ domains so far

To be honest, GoDaddy is barely cheaper than plenty of alternatives like Namecheap (where I host my domains) and they have shown their contempt for general niceties for a while and their customer support is slow so there is little reason to host there at all. If they are pro-breaking the internet with SOPA (whether or not they have reversed their position due to public backlash) then they don’t deserve the business of any web developer.

Godaddy do not sell low cost domains. it is true that the prices are going up from Jan 2012. A cheap could be considered a price of $10 - $11 per year.

That is how much GoDaddy is selling there’s for. They have a 9.99 sale right now. Mainly because they f***ed up on the sopa thing.

Hioxindia is one of the cheapest domian registrar in India. As a new year offer they are providing domain registration @ cheapest price ever.

.com domain @ Rs399
.in domain @ just Rs.99 domain @ Rs.110 domain @ Rs.110

I bought a .com from GoDaddy 2 days ago for £6.74 for 2 years

Wat is Rs? Roepies? And how much dollars is Rs399?

According to Google, it’s about $7.50.

Of course, using an Indian hosting package for a US-based website targeting a US-based audience may not be the smartest thing to do, because Google does look at where a website is hosted when ranking a site.