Buying a domain name

If you were trying to purchase a domain name ( ) but the company that own it, went into liquidation in 2013 and the domain expires Sep 2018, how would you go about it please?

Really depends. There are people out there that wait until a domain finally expires and then they buy it and then try to sell it for a ridiculously higher price. I’ve had the done to a domain name I really wanted. What I would do is contact the owner of the current domain name and try to bargain with them for a cheap price. If you secure the deal, you can ask them for a transfer code. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up exactly like me when I tried to wait for the domain I wanted to expire. Then someone buys it and tries to sell it for a higher price than what it’s really worth.

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I would think somebody must still be paying for the domain name as it should have expire by now. I would check on a whois and see when it was last renewed. I thought’s could only be renewed for one year now?

As @spaceshiptrooper says contact them and see. They may be keeping it hoping for some money, have an attachment to it or may be intending on using it again. The problem is if they think you want it the price might go up.

@Rubble: domains used to be renewable only for a standard two-year period, but that changed a few years back and you can renew them for longer, if you wish.

@Dez: I would try to contact the current registrant, as spaceshiptrooper suggested. If you can’t find current contact information, and the domain in not in use, it might be worth contacting Nominet to see what they say. (IIRC, Nominet has the power to cancel a domain registration in the absence of up-to-date contact information.)

Thank you for these comments, we’re trying to track down the owners in some way.

I would search for a free domain, I hate buying domains from people, it’s a mess.

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