Why isn't my site ranking well?

Hey guys, I need some help, I already asked this to anyone in this forum about my website. My website is an SEO friendly website, why is it our site doesn’t have any rankings? please help

I’ve looked at your other threads where you’ve asked about your site’s rankings. You’ve been given the best answers you could hope for, given how little information we have about the site in question.

Are you asking here about SERP or PageRank?

You say your site is “an SEO friendly website”. What do you mean by that? Do you mean it doesn’t use tables for layout? That was one of the things you asked about previously. What kind of on-page and off-page optimisation have you tried? How long has the site been on-line? Are your keywords highly-competitive?

If you give us more details, we might be able to help you better.

Thank you very much for the reply. My website is table less website that’s why it’s SEO Friendly website. The problem of the website is, like what I’ve said before in my thread, the home page doesn’t have any rankings. but other pages has ranks. Can you give me some tips we can do in off-page and on-page optimization?

Hope to get more answers here…

Off topic but relevant: To get the best return with your question [in this case answers] you should use a proper title that explains what you need help with and full describe what you’ve done, what you’re measuring, and where you’re having problems. Generalizations and short questions don’t present much opportunity for insight and thus are skipped over or given generic answers.

Of course the same dynamic applies to search. Your code isn’t what makes your rank – that’s like punctuation – essential but only after the core is built… That core is your content and relevancy to the topic.

Hello Ted, thank you so much for the answer, may I ask what is core?

That core is your content and relevancy to the topic.

have you started seo process?submitted in directory submission?

Hi Ted, thank you so much for the answer, yeah we have all contents, can I post the link here of my site so that you can give me some advise the seo needed to apply in my site?

Hi paulrigby1, yeah, we are using IBP, do you think that’s worth it? It’s an SEO software

dont use softwares for seo…always do manual seo…

if your website is search engine friendly then check your website content which can be duplicate or low quality also check competition of keywords which can be more competitive as well as check your competitor what they are doing for increasing website ranking.

You still haven’t answered my question here. :slight_smile: Are you referring to PageRank (PR), or are you referring to where your page appears in the search engine results (SERP)?

I would say it’s not ranking probably for a few key reasons and I am no professional.

I’ve not seen the layout of your site, keywords, content, url structure.

Google are changing things but in the past quality backlinks is one of the key factors in ranking in the serps, this is my belief anyway, things are changing the way they look at backlinks now though.

Also. Competitiveness of your keywords also plays a part. I rank quite well and quite quickly for non competitive keywords, but the competitive ones takes a lot of time and a lot of work. You can use adwords Traffic Estimator to check this.

It may just be a case of time too. Depending on keywords your targeting, they should be prevalent in your content, but at the same time your content should be for the user and not for SEO.

One of mine is Wedding Photographer so I try to use this as much as possible and as naturally as possible. Now google is targeting over optimized sites, so you have to be careful on that front too…

I don’t think you’ve given enough info in this thread…

You sure are talking a lot about your site being search engine friendly and all that. Have you made sure that your site can actually be attractive to the visitors as it is attractive to the website crawlers? Anyway, I’d like to ask the same question as TechnoBear: which rank are we talking about here? Is it your site’s PageRank, or is it your place in the results pages?

The use of relevant keywords in anchor text while building backlinks can give your site a big boost. Although this is a bit difficult and time consuming task but still works in most of the cases to bring descent organic traffic. Then comes social media and networking sites to gain direct and instant traffic.

Check the quality of main keyword of your website here adwords.google.com Tools and analysis >> keyword tools. Use unique content. Do not use spun article. If both issues are ok do backlinking in high page rank website with your good main keyword, blog posting with main keyword in name section.

speared your site all over the net. Here you’ll get all links with page rank like directory, social site blog so on. http://catalog.webtoolhub.com/

Well Meta title and meta description refers lot in website ranking in search engine, so I would like to suggest you to change that one and add unique and meaning mata data, probably they can helps you in ranking.

You should check your site content it should not be duplicate, keyword density is not more than 2-3% in content.
Sitemap also helpful for indexing.
Do directory submission for all pages.

Use the fresh content to your submission and do video posting .because video can bring more visitor’s to your site and that can help you to get rank to your site