Looking for reliable CSS and HTML online generator

Is there a reliable online CSS/HTML generator that I can create a fast template of divs and colors and fonts as a means of saving time? I’m not looking for HTML 4 or CSS 3 yet since not all the browsers support them.

I think you mean HTML 5, since HTML 4 came out in the mid-to-late 90s. =p

I don’t think there are any generators like that… that’s kind of difficult to build. How can you give something an image and expect it to figure out how to make a web page out of that?

That’s an oxymoron… mutually exclusive even…

Much like working with WYSIWYG editors, that’s more a means of wasting time and shooting yourself in the foot, as any time saved is going to end up costing more later in not just time, but money.

For that you can use some many HTML frameworks. I use grid960 and kickstart. From there you can do what you want.

Some people say I am one of these…

Thanks everyone. Do you have the url for kickstart?

I googled it and found this website. It seems to be the homepage for it.


Thats the address for kickstart. I just want to clear some things. The best way to code at the moment for me is to use grid system but only in amount of grid places, 12, 16 etc. Then I use percentages to gain flexible design. Now days if you do not make flexible or responsive web site you are losing great amount of visitors because number of visitors via tablets and smartphones are increasing rapidly.

If you don’t want to write the code (and you should really…write the code), there’s the site Wix, which helps you to build a site (with HTML5). I don’t know why I’m recommending it, though (I’m not recommending it, persay, just giving you a link - take note of that) because it’s inadvisable to use WYSIWYG editors. (But that’s a whole 'nother thread)


If you’re not recommending it and you give the link anyway, why bother giving it to him? :slight_smile:

Meh :frowning: I’m as confused as you are.