Looking for a good CSS Editor

Hi, iam looking for a good CSS/HTML Editor which one can handle the current tableless fancy 3 column style (like this site) (i need a wysiwyg editor) . i have tested topstyle and dreamweaver but that cannot handle all.
is it true that most of you use a simple texteditor?

I think you will find most people use a text editor. If you need WYSIWYG Dreamweaver should do it for you. But even there, nothing beats hand coding.

I’m going to agree with maartenvr. Nothing is going to beat hand coding. If you decide to go the hand-coding route and want some help, try one of the many css frameworks.

Using a simple text editor does have it’s benefits (as you should be writing the code by hand), however that’s not to say you can’t help yourself every now and again, perhaps try finding yourself a good independent code snippet manager. That way you can store stuff you re-use for layouts and just drop them into the text editor as and when you need them. If you use a Mac I would recommend Coda for this as it’s a decent editor with snippet storage (amongst other things). I use Notepad++ for producing my code and that does me fine, as for code snippets, I wrote and use my own application for the task. :slight_smile:

I use Free CSS Toolbox from Blumentals Software.

It’s limited but the pop-up selection with auto fill-in for the CSS is helpful.
It offers a choice of… [LIST]
[]New Cascading Style Sheet
]New HTML Page
[/LIST]…to begin your page.

It offers…[LIST]
[]W3C Validator (CSS only)
]Compress CSS
[]Re-Format (with many options)
]Syntax Checker

If you choose New HTML Page, this is what they start you with…

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

  <style type="text/css">





It’s nice to have the basic framework in place to start your page…

I hope this helps…

jedit is pretty good and its soooo teeny. just a text editor with code hilighting

Like others have said you may just want to hand code it. I’m no coder but I found that dealing with these programs was more frustrating then just doing the coding myself. Notepad++ is your friend.

Just a quick vote Geany I really like this editor.

I’d advice learning XHTML&CSS and using the non-WYSIWYG editors. From waht I know, Aptana is the best for the client-side development (JS and CSS)

Topstyle Lite (v3.10 I think) is a reasonably good stand alone css editor.
Can’t find the link to it on the parent site, but many download sites have it.

Well I uses Dreamweaver for my complete web design includeing css pages…