Quite nifty CSS3 & HTML5 checklist

I like: http://www.findmebyip.com/litmus/

I think it’s really well done and might come in handy when experimenting with some of the CSS3 stuff. :slight_smile:

Yes looks good Maleika.:slight_smile:

There were also a number of useful links in the tech times (#284) newsletter for css3 generators that are quite interesting.

Oh, that looks fantastic! Thanks for pointing me to it, Paul.

Very nice website :). I’ll have to spend a few minutes memorizing that…
I wish they had more versions on there (at least 3 versions) for every browser though…

Did you mean this link, Paul?

The link you gave has a link in it which links to Pauls link lol :wink: (sorry if that sounded confusing)

Yes that’s the one - thanks Ralph

I found that litmus website ages ago, I’m sure I put it in my twitter feed somewhere!

There’s lots of useful checklists for features on the web, it’s great that people are recognising the new specs. :slight_smile: