Looking for a design site where I can code HTML and CSS


I"m going to be building a website for a business. I’ve already signed up with ipage to host and will be doing it from scratch.

I’m looking for a site (or a program) where I can type in HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript and it will show me, in another screen, what my website will look like.

Any recommendations would be helpful, thanks.

I`m doing that with Dreaveawer, with dual monitor setup you can code in first screen and see the changes as you type in the second screen. Works great for me :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you mean Dreamweaver? I’ve never used it before. Can you download it for free like Acrobat?

Dreamweaver is probably your best option for creating HTML and it is not free. The full version is $300+. There are other home and educational versions for under $200 I believe.

There are a lot of other faster options for creating a website as I’m sure you know. Why are you looking to do everything from scratch? Are you trying tying to achieve a custom look or functionality?

I’m trying to build a portfolio so when I apply for job in the web design field (or if familiarity with HTML, CSS, etc is a plus), I can show what I’ve created.

If you have no idea how to get your webpage up to the internet at all, I suggest you to try learning and coding websites in HTML and CSS on you own computer for now. Are you familiar with HTML and CSS?

If you are interested in going that path, I suggest downloading sublime text Its an awesome text editor and its free to try!

Save your html files with the extension .html and css files with the extension .css. You can open HTML files and look at what you have created with HTML and CSS right in your computer. Try it out and let us know if you have problems.

I use notepad++ for writing my code. I haven’t been writing code for long but this is what I was recommended to start with. It is free but the problem is that you cant see the results on a live page beside it. You would have to save the file, then open with a browser, like chrome etc. Its not the easiest process but its was good for me. Hope this helps.

I feel Dreamweaver is too expensive for code writing. There are actually a few other options. You can try take a look at Aptana or Komodo IDE

Yes, sorry, Dreamweaver, it was just a typo :slight_smile: Its not for free, but you can try it to see if it suits your needs, and im guessing it will. Good luck!

I think you need an HTML editor like “coffeecup”. You see the result while you’re developing and the provide a free version.
I have to admit: Dreamweaver is muh better, but it is not a free program.

Good luck zircona1.

Kind Regards,
Johan Santamaria

When I started all I used was the browser and a text editor like Notepad++. I actually just finished a web design program where they went through all the Adobe tools including Dreamweaver and I wouldn’t recommend that for learning. It’s too easy to fall prey to letting it do the work for you which isn’t great for learning.

Now I use Sublime Text 2 and Chrome browser/DevTools. Simple, effective, cheap. I do use Photoshop for complex designs but if I’m just messing around or trying things out, nothing beats the speed of just typing up a .html file and a .css file and refreshing the browser to see the changes.

Also, I used to run into problems with things not always looking the same in Dreamweaver as they did in an actual browser.

I learned HTML and CSS first, then moved on to JavaScript and playing around with Python at the moment.

If you want to work with two windows, do it like this: Fill 1/3 of the desktop screen with Notepad++ or other text-editing program for the HTML/CSS, and fill the other 2/3 of the desktop with your browser, such as Google Chrome with Developer Tools enabled. Start your file and save as xxx.html and double-click to open it in the browser (duh).

Type in your text updates and changes and save, then click on the browser screen and refresh! Can’t get easier or cheaper than that.

Thanks for the tips folks. I’ve been using Notepad++ for revising and editing, also been using jsfiddle.net occasionally.

I have try with Notepad+++ and it is funny and helpful. Thank a lot

I am going with Dreamweaver. It provide two screens one for design and one for coding. you can take live view in the same window in Dreamweaver.
This is best option for designer.