Looking for good CRM

Hi all,

So I’ve never used a CRM before until just a few weeks ago.

Someone pointed me to Zoho, but I can already tell they are not the quality I need.

They didn’t respond back to me when I e-mailed them a complaint about not having 2 address fields. Who doesn’t have 2 address fields LOL, so that’s 2 strikes already.

And once a lead is either finished, I should be able to file them into folders.

Does anyone know of a really good CRM that’s user friendly, free or low cost, good customer service where I can file them into folders I label?



Try salesforce.com

What is your budget?

Thanks Sagewig.

Metavisia - right now nothing. After Google’s beating, things are tough.

You are asking a lot :slight_smile:

These factors don’t go together very well:

 - you have no experience with CRM
 - you have no money
 -  you were dissatisfied with Zoho 

Personally we are on CapsuleCRM, which is super cheap and works well. Base is also pretty cool, but their ‘free’ model ain’t free for long. You might also spend $200 on something like Prohpet and take that approach, which is cheaper long run. Or you could do a SugarCRM type implementation. But, no free lunch in the lucrative CRM world.

So b/c I have no experience with CRMS, this makes me a problem? Very strange answer.

So everyone is supposed to LOVE Zoho? Amazing, well I’m not like everyone else. I already said why I had problems with them.

Even if I had the money, I would want to try the CRM out first.

Right now I’m looking to find the CRM that meets my needs. If I find it & it’s within a price range I feel is acceptable, then I’ll deal with that down the road.

And I wasn’t happy when I went to salesforce. Their entire site was in Spanish, There was no CLEAR way to get English & I’m waiting on a response from them, but Ill wait until Monday to pass judgement.


Hi Michelle,

having no experience with CRM software shouldn’t be a problem.
Maybe you should start with smaller, simpler application, and later (if there is a need to) move to a bigger, more expensive product.
Most of the online applications offer a free 30 days trial, so checking them out requires only a bit of your time.

If you looking for something simple and affordable - please check out our software centriumcrm.com - simple pricing, and first user is free.
I can also recommend some of our competitors - capsule, nutshell, insightly.
Every application is a bit different, has different strong and weak points, you just need to spot the one that feels the best for you.

What kind of things are you looking for specifically in your CRM?


I’m sure the salesforce spanish thing can be solved in a breeze after you find the right language link…so don’t get too discouraged about that.

Thank you, not having experience of course should not be a drawback, only a learning curve.

Does your CRM allow me to file the leads into different folders/categories so dead leads aren’t seen in the long list or leads pending are in the pending folder?


I already answered your question in my post.

Well it wasn’t a breeze to switch to English otherwise I wouldn’t be on here complaining. And I don’t like the fact that they ignored me when I wrote to them (even that was stressful as the field names were all in Spanish).

A sales person finally wrote to me, but that was like a week or 10 days later & he had no clue what was wrong so I’m already getting the feeling they don’t know how to run their business properly which will make a difference when I choose the company I ultimately go with. If all they care about is sales, I’m not interested. Same with Zoho, never received a response back to my e-mail & I know they read it.


Hi Michelle,

Having no experience with CRM software isn’t a issue

You should go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM .first its very user friendly second its very effective in terms of lead tracking and opportunity conversion. Also post opportunity conversion it keeps a track of all details of customers vendors for their entire life cycle.

In terms of cost its very effective as its available both on premise and on cloud.


The answer is yes - we have automatic filters that allow you to quickly list only open, lost or won deals(leads). So with one mouse click you can get a list of leads that You need to work on.

You can also use date filters - for example deals from this month, last month, this year etc.

Another option is to add tags to deals (categorize them) and then use these tags to filter your lead list. You can use multiple tags for every deal - so you can group your leads in the way you want.

Hope this helps a bit.

Yes someone mentioned that CRMS only use filters. Why is that? I would much rather have folders & I really don’t want to have to be adding tags to everything just so I can then get access to what I need. That takes extra work.


Hi Michelle, if you have a small team of less than 5, you can give Podio a try. Yes, it may seem like a project management tool but it allows you to create your own app with different fields and forms customized for your own usage. So, it could be turned into a CRM fairly easily.

I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and I’m happy with it. The learning curve might be quite steep at first but once you have everything setup and used it a few times, you’ll start to like it.