Need software to keep track of leads


I need something that will allow me & my partner to keep track of leads. I was going to just have someone create an excel sheet for me & then every time he updated the file he’d upload it & then e-mail me & vice versa, but that is SOOOO not streamlined or high tech, so I thought I’d come on here & see if someone can recommend a piece of software that will allow me to create the different fields (I’m not a coder, I’m an entrepreneur) & then we’d both have separate logins so this way he can’t touch my notes & vice versa, but he can read everything.

I thought a CRM would work, but I don’t think so. Right now I use Zoho & I don’t see a way for 2 logins, not to mention it wouldn’t show who’s notes are whose & I don’t want him to see my own personal notes on the leads.

I’d like something that could e-mail the other person when I add an update & vice versa, but that’s probably asking too much.

And I’m hoping that it doesn’t cost a lot or is OS.



What you are looking for is either a sales lead management tool or, for future purposes if you have enough contacts, a full CRM [although apparently not the one you use now]. might be a good place to start to get down the feature possibilities at the top of the scale and then pair it back to your needs / budget.

I knew someone was going to say CRM LOL

I will e-mail them.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

Thanks Ted.


[FONT=verdana]The answer really depends on the volumes involved. A simple system that works for a few leads per day might be totally unsuitable for a larger scale of operation.

That said, your idea of using a spreadsheet might be a good start. But instead of mailing the spreadsheet to each other, have you considered using Google Docs (or some similar service)? The point is that it would let you collaborate on the spreadsheet, that is, have one person update it and another view the updates, and vice versa.

If that’s too simplistic, you might need a full-blown CRM system, but, from what you’ve told us, I suspect that you won’t need to go so far.


You might look at Pipedrive. I believe it offers most of what you’re seeking, in a web-based application.


Sorry Mike, I didn’t see you responded until now after Erin.

I just went with Capsule. It’s not the greatest, but so far it’s okay & free.

I don’t trust anything Google, especially now.

I have one client who won’t even e-mail his numerous URLs, b/c he’s afraid they will do something to his sites.

But even before G did what they did I wouldn’t trust them to keep my content safe & secure.

I’ll keep Pipe Drive as a future option.



[FONT=verdana]Glad to hear you’ve found a solution, Michelle. Ive no personal experience of Capsule, but at first glance it does look suitable for your needs.

Good luck with your business.