CRM Guide

Hi Everyone,
we have recently got CRM, before we used to do it in spreadsheets, we want to make a CRM help where any team can access if they have any queries while working on CRM, I want to know if there is any way to do it other than which I am doing now screenshots from site and explaining each field.

help me out :blush:


google for “crm tutorial” or similar terms. You should be able to get lots of articles on how best to use CRM software. Insert the name of the software you’re using, and get better results.

Or try one of the big commercial vendors like - they have lots of best practices articles, if I recall correctly.

unfortunately we did not use any particular software, we have customized the CRM in .net according to our company requirements. I google for crm tutorials but its not relevant to our customized.

Thanks for reply.