CRM system

why and which CRM system do you like best?

expect anyone can recommend a good open source CRM system. which wrote by php or perl or python or others

Favourite CRM?
Either the custom built thing we’re using at work (I love it because it’s custom built, and does exactly what we need), or Salesforce ('cos it does soo much and can be configured to do almost anything).

Open source? I’ve used SugarCRM in the past. As long as you only need standard functionality, it’s great, but once you want to expand it it gets a lot more difficult to work with. I’ve also installed and configured vTiger for a friend, but didn’t play with it much.

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shudder Salesforce, I love the application but the API could push me over the edge. :smiley:

There are many different CRM-Tools out there.

It depends on your preferences… do you want a server by your own? Do you want an outsourced solution? Should the solution be Open Source or commercial?

lol, I spent a week in New York (on Wall street of all places) for a Salesforce Authorised Partner course. Since then I love Salesforce :slight_smile:

Salesforce has it advantages, too.

One BIG is, you don´t have to administrate anything… you get your account and start CRM-ing :).

Personally I do prefer MS Dynamnics, because we are working in a windows only environment with Active Directory (etc.).

Salesforce is Open Source ?

No, Salesforce is a hosted application. You’ll need to pay to use it.

It’s not too expensive though, for most purposes.