CRM recommedations

I’m looking for some recommendations for a CRM for a web design company, as well as client details, we need to be able to securely store things like ftp settings, email settings, passwords etc.

Anyone know one that’s suited for this?

Some of the applications from could be worth looking at. I have only used one of their very simple tools myself, but they are highly regarded and provide some free versions and / or free trials.

Thanks, i’ll take a look

I’m not sure how far your management needs go beyond client organization and file storage/security but you should consider a combined business management application.

These often combine different areas of business management together to help simplify either one aspect of management or all aspects of running a business. If you look at WORKetc, it combines CRM, PM, and billing, to offer an all-in-one business management tool. It has an expansive CRM feature list, including detailed contact histories, tagged organization of contacts (or other ways), and online file storage - with data encryption similar to that used when you do online banking. I’m not sure how they would work for your company specifically, and that’s why a free trial may be a good idea. Google 'em.