Different SERPs in Google.com and Google.co.uk

Hi all,

This is probably a very easy question to answer, however my brain has died (it’s friday).

We have a problem where we demo to clients our position in Google, and some clients see different results to us. Now we know about personalised search results, local results etc, but the problem here is that they have the Google toolbar installed and are automatically searching Google.com (we’d like them to use Google UK) which returns different results, and our sites will be in a different place.

Can anyone point to me to any articles that explain the main reasons why the .com results are different to .co.uk. Off the top of my head I know that the local setting in Webmaster Tools helps influence this, but I need solid points of the main differences.

Thanks all

Think of the .com version as serving global results for the whole world, and the UK version serving results specific or relevent to the UK. Google will try to tailor results according to the version you use.

It doesn’t stop there though.

The geographical location of the server where the site is hosted can also influence results, eg if a site is hosted in the USA Google’s initial assumption is that site is aimed at a US audience.

Another factor is the fact that Google runs a huge amount of servers and the results may vary according to which server you get results from.

In short you can never guarantee that what you see in your search results will be the same as the next person.

Thanks for your reply, this makes sense.

A lot of our competitors do very well in the SERPs in Google.com compared to us. Is this because they haven’t targeted the UK in their SEO strategy, and just left Google to work it out for itself? Are there any other main reasons for this?

Many thanks

That’s an impossible question to answer, only your competitors will know what they have done in terms of marketing.

Google uses hundreds of different factors in deciding search results, no-one outside of Google can give you an accurate answer on that :slight_smile:

Fair play :slight_smile: