Google ranking in different countries?

If you’re concentrating on getting certain search words / phrases high in the search engines, world-wide in all English-speaking countries, do you look on ?

Good question.

Given that results in the UK are displayed by default on, rather than, I’d guess that you’d really need to check each country’s version individually to get a true picture of how the site is performing worldwide.

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Thanks, I hadn’t really given it much thought before, but I’ve been looking on a couple of times a week, to see how the website was doing world-wide. So, is it the better thing to check on every Google available to every country? How many are there?

TBH, I don’t really know. It’s not something I’ve ever needed to deal with or think about before. You would only need to check those countries you’re specifically targeting. (And remember to clear cookies, search history, etc between searches.) I imagine that in non-English-speaking countries, folk who specifically want English-language results would choose to go with, but again, I’m guessing.

This list might help (or induce panic ).

Yep, a certain amount of panic was induced! :slight_smile: What do others here, who have international clients do please?

I agree with @TechnoBear

You’ll have to check each one individually and then, of course,

Often enough, even if I write, Google itself will load my local google page and, if I really want .com version, I will have to click the link at the bottom of the search box.

You might want to concentrate on those coutries that really interest you, either because you want that particular market or because it is where the mayority of your visitors come according to the statistics of your site

Thanks. I suppose that just because a site might be 2nd in that wouldn’t neccessarily mean that it was 2nd in the Australia one?

That’s a safe supposition .

In fact just because a site [sic page] might be 2nd in for any given user doesn’t mean it will be 2nd in for any different user.

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Why could that be?

Because Google wants to return the best results possible for each user.

For example, the vast majority of searches I do are programming and web related.

So if I search for “title” (granted, a very contrived and vague example) Google knows that I most likely am not interested in “automobile title”, “book title” or “nobility title” and a good portion of the results will be HTML <title> or <a title="

Google also remembers what sites I most often click on. I go to and documentation often.
When I search for a common “code” term, a good portion of the results will be for those sites.

And Google knows my geographical location so if I search for “pizza” the results will be for places that I can get pizza that are nearby, not on the other side of the country.

See and control your search activity

Browser history
Your searches and the sites you visit may also be stored in your browser

View & control activity on your account

What My Activity is
My Activity is a central place to view and manage activity like searches you’ve done, websites you’ve visited, and videos you’ve watched.

I agree with @TechnoBear

The Google Ranking for different countries are different. If you found one Keyword in the first page in, that dont mean that it have same position in
So you must have to check Google Ranking for different countries.

Thank you very much for this info. So, if your clients are world-wide, you have a lot of checking to do! Does everyone here check all the countries Googles?

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All of the nearly 200 of them?

I can’t imagine even those afflicted with severe OCD would have the time to do that.

IMHO too many spend too much time thinking about Google, when as long as pages are valid and semantic, the site has good navigation, pages load relatively quickly, and the content is of value, Google will do the rest and do it well.

Much better to work on improving conversion than “off page SEO” tricks.


I’ve never needed to. Most of the sites I build are tourism-related and therefore tied to a specific location. Although the sites get visitors from abroad, they will be searching using the name of the location, and something like “hotels in Ecclefechan” or “ferry services in New York” will presumably return pretty much the same set of results irrespective of where you search from. (None of the sites is in a high-competition niche.) As long as they get a good number of visitors and a decent conversion rate, I don’t worry too much about anything else.

So, someone could be optimising as much as possible when time allows, always with good success in the UK, but not getting on the first page in New Zealand, but they wouldn’t know that without checking the various countries.

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Definitely need to check country by country… results can be pretty skewed if not

If you have potential clients all over the world, how you gonna check them all?

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