Links on Blog Content

Is there any restriction on putting outbound links in the content of any blog?

restriction by who?

what do you mean? please explain

better keep some limits. Too many links on a single page can make it look like SPAMMY.

If matt cutts can, we can.


just do it in a natural way… doing it means don’t abuse, don’t spam your blog…

You have to keep in mind that if you post links on a blog, make sure you have proper moderation. As what all the responses said, don’t spam. It will not only make you look desperate, it pisses the blog owner also. Remember that too much of something is bad. :slight_smile:

If you are a owner of blog there is no limitation, but as a guest writer the max limit for any post is 3 links…

I haven’t heard of any restrictions or any one having trouble with too much link on their blog post. but, my opinion only is that if there are too much links, chances of those links getting link are lower. I don’t really think that people will enjoy reading a blog content that is filled with advertisement, although a link on a content may not look like an ad it still feels like an attempt to get clicks or back links.

There is one restriction. You can’t have more outgoing links from a blog post than there are characters in the post itself. Each link MUST be at least one character long.

Is that the sort of restriction you were asking about?

Free hosting always so unstable, with up and I often worry that it will be closed

I think its good to put outbound links in the blog conent but make sure that they don’t have number of links.

IF you put 3 link in every blog content so i think no any problem from google

Is there any limitation on keeping outbound links in a blog content? If I put more than 4 outbound links in a blog content, will it be considered a negative point for SEO Process?

you want to link to many different relevant, authority websites. this will have a profound impact on google considering your site useful.

On my blog, I sometimes have many links, but they are used in the context of explaining things. Sometimes it may be a link to Wikipedia or another article. If I am doing a book review, I would have a link to Amazon. The intent is to teach and be helpful. I use Zemanta and Apture plugins. Was this the kind of links you were referring to?

As far as I know the best number of links that can be put in a blog content is three.

I dont think there is any limitations from WP or the CMS you are using. However you should not use many of those as your post may look as a spam and punished by google. It is always good to use at most 2 to 3 links in a post.

There are no restrictions, but it’s best if you don’t have too many links in your content. A post/page here and there can have a lot of links if maybe you are doing a post showing people a bunch of good blogs or forums or whatever. However, in most of your posts you want to have very few outbound links.

There’s a downside to putting too much outbound links. You are pushing away your visitors to those links. It would be better if you keep some limit, maybe 3. Putting links to your other articles is another story though.