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While doing blog submission, how many hyper link should we create in a content ? is it useful or not…

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I’m not sure what you mean by “blog submission”, but links should always be included because they are helpful to your readers and link them to additional, relevant content. In other words, don’t insert links just for the sake of inserting them, but ensure they have real value.


Personally, i’d also add the idea of keeping to the Wikimedia standard - Link it the first time it’s mentioned, and no further.

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Basically you can create one back link or do follow hyperlink within every 150 words. In case of several paragraph do one link building within a para. You can make maximum 3 to 5 back link or link building within your one blog write of 500 words.

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I’m very wary of any advice saying you can make X number of links per Y number of words. What on earth is that based on? It most certainly doesn’t seem to be based on helping the people reading the article.

Before creating links for SEO purposes, make sure you read this advice from Google, because if you fall foul of their guidelines, you may have a hard time recovering.

what do you mean by blog linking? if it is internal link, then you can add as much as you can since it really helpful for user. For example, Wikipedia. This website has a ton of internal link and ranking well on Google SERP


I guess you are talking about blog submission on other websites for backlinking purpose. We should only put one or two links, which will sufficient. Some sites allow for more than two links, but I believe that if you only have one link and the site is good, it well enough. It’s also ok if you wish to include more than one or two links.

It,s A tricky question. Basically, you Can put 2-3 Backlink Each 500-word Interval.

Do you have any authority for that figure, or is it just plucked out of thin air?


I personally use one and two url in one blog or article that are enough for 300 to 400 content ,and also make sure content are not duplicate.

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