Links on Blog Content

I agree, don’t let a search engine dictate on what you can do and what you can’t do with your site, post normally as you should.

There is no “best” number. Only link out to relevant sites. A few outbound links to good sites won’t hurt you. Numerous links to bad sites will hurt your site with the search engines.

If you go natural in your posts then you don’t have to worry about the number of link you put in, just don’t spam it with non-useful links.

i think there is if the bot detect that your site or your page contain too many links then they will think of it as spammy.

I doubt there is a restriction. Some blog posts in problogger has 400 comments, most with outgoing link.

Don’t place more then 100 links on a single page. Because google recommend 100 links per page for better ranking.

Talking like a pro, I`m newbie, I didn’t even get his point. Important is that I got yours.